Meet the Artists


Pebble Hathay Bunano

All Pebble products are handmade in Bangladesh by the talented artisans at Hathay Bunano, a non-profit fair trade organisation in Bangladesh. Their mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged. Hathay Bunano aims to keep families together, and in particular to keep mums with their children, by providing flexible employment in a village setting close to home.  They aim to address all the reasons why a woman might not be able to work and to support her so that she can work and can earn money to support her family. Helping women out of poverty and putting smiles on faces worldwide!


Gospel House Handicrafts

John Karunaratne established Gospel house Handicrafts in 1977 with the hope of providing employment and training to the marginalized and semi-educated youth of Colombo. John took a broken tumble dryer and turned it in to a wooden working lathe and from this Gospel House Handicrafts was born. John passed away in 1983 and some 40 years later John’s son Shiran is keeping his father’s dream alive. Gospel House has grown to become Sri Lanka’s leading fair trade manufacturer of crafted wooden toys. They now provide employment to 30 permanent artisans/producers and provide a variety of work to nearly 120 home based producers in the region. Gospel house toys are beautifully handmade in Sri Lanka from sustainably sourced wood and finished using non-toxic, lead free paints. Gospel house have been members of the world fair trade organisation since 1985 and still focus heavily on making a difference in the lives of workers, producers and their communities.


Mission Hammocks

Every mission hammock product is lovingly handcrafted by a member of The Employment Social Project, an organization providing well-paid employment to people with disabilities in Nicaragua. Mission Hammocks is committed to providing opportunities for disabled individuals to be active and productive citizens and live the life they deserve. Mission Hammock’s workshop provides employment to 30 individuals with physical disabilities, ensuring they receive a fair salary and a great working environment. Mission hammocks products are 100% handmade using organic manila cotton and avocado wood. These products truly are hand made with love and passion, each item takes 2-4 days to complete and the end result is a one of a kind piece of art.


Kenana Knitters

Kenana Knitters was founded in 1998 by local Kenyan, Patricia Nightingale. Patricia wanted to make a significant social impact in rural Kenya by empowering women to take charge of their life through dignified work. Kenana Knitters pride themselves on operating within the cultural context of the daily demands of rural Kenyan women, including farming, raising their children, and the environmental challenges that exist. Knitting is ideal, as it requires minimal equipment and can be conducted anywhere. The organisation now works with 250 knitters who hand knit each item with special care. By purchasing a Kenana Knitters product, you are contributing to the pride and advancement of the women who make these products and their families. As their motto says “Kenana Knitters is changing lives stitch by stitch”.


The Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society

The Tinga Tinga style of painting originated in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by the artist Edward Tingatinga in the late 1960’s. His paintings incorporated bright, bold colours with simple designs inspired by his surroundings. Edward started painting animals, plants and village scenes on chipboard with bicycle paint. Inspired by his work Tingatinga’s relatives and friends adopted his colourful children’s style of work, over time adding their own styles and motives. Sadly Edward was accidently shot by police in a case of mistaken identity in 1972. After his tragic passing his fellow artists continued to paint and in 1990 formed the Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative in his name. The cooperative now consists of almost 100 painters, with many painters developing their own unique style. Tinga Tinga paintings express the unique, vibrant colours of African life in their composition. This is the artwork that visually inspired the cartoon Tinga Tinga Tales and Tiger Aspects Productions work directly with the artists at Tinga Tinga Cooperative. The cooperative acts as both a painting school for the Tingatinga style of art and also promotes the artwork of its members to assist the artists to earn a living. A fair price is paid to ensure that living standards of the artisans and their families are improved. We at Playfair Kids are so happy to be working directly with the artists at Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society. Providing a platform for these talented artists to sell their work here in Australia and providing you with the opportunity to display these amazing, unique pieces of art in your homes.


Afri Beads

AfriBeads products are all handmade by The Kind Mothers Project, a group of 30 talented women from Kampala, Uganda. Afribeads mission is to provide a global market for these women’s beautiful handmade jewellery and baskets and thus create a source of ongoing income for these families.

Many millions of people live in extreme poverty in Uganda, struggling to survive and look after their children. AfriBeads create hope for Ugandan women and children by providing a market for their products and a source of much needed income. The women are paid in advance for the products they make to provide a regular and on going living wage. By selling their handicrafts these mothers are able to care for their families and afford to send their children to school. By purchasing these products you are not only receiving a beautiful handmade gift for yourself but also contributing to the ongoing employment of these women.

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Basha blankets are individually peg-loomed from recycled saris and provide a sustainable livelihood for women at risk and survivors of trafficking in Bangladesh. Each woman’s story varies, but her circumstances have put her at high risk of harm or resulted in her exploitation and abuse. Basha provides dignified work to these women in a healthy, healing and supportive environment. Their vision focuses on the lives of the women they work with, they want to inspire their artisans to dream new dreams and provide ongoing mentoring , training, education, support and encouragement to every artisan. Basha aims to connect those who buy their products with those who made them. The makers name is embroidered on every creation so you can view the artisans profile and send a message directly to them.