It all starts with a reusable cup

It all starts with a reusable cup

Australians LOVE coffee, there’s no doubt about it and at the top of that list has to be us mums. Lack of sleep and busy lives mean we often depend on our caffeine hit to get through the day, or at least be more pleasant to be around. Here at Playfair Kids we are by no means against drinking coffee, I am currently chugging down my third cup for the morning. We in fact love coffee and think that making a small change to the way you purchase your coffee can be the start of even bigger changes in your way of life.

We believe it all starts with a reusable cup and that ditching the disposable coffee cup can show just how easy it is to reduce your waste. Our hope is that when you feel good about making this small change it makes you realise just how easy it is to change your daily habits. We are not expecting everyone to live in the bush and only eat fruit that falls from the tree, although if that is what you want to do go for it. We just truly believe that we all have the power to make small tweaks to our daily life that add up to make a difference. Zero waste lifestyle is the ultimate goal but even small changes when multiplied by the masses make a significant difference.

Stand on the corner of a busy street mid morning and see how many disposable cups you see walk by. Think about that on every street corner of the city, in every city across the planet and you can start to see the scale of the problem. If this doesn’t paint a picture for you then you cannot avoid the statistics. Did you know that it is now estimated that Australians waste around 2.6 billion disposable coffee cups each year? Due to the plastic lining in disposable cups most are not recyclable, this results in a huge amount of unnecessary waste ending up in our landfill. The newest research is even more heartbreaking showing that we discard more than 9.7 billion pieces of single-use plastic in Australia every year. Just our coffee cups and plastic bag waste alone lined up end to end would stretch to the moon more than three times.

We have to believe that when supplied with facts like this everyone would want to change. Especially when the solution is so simple; take a stand against single use plastic and use alternatives wherever you can. This is a small lifestyle change that can have a huge collective effect. With supermarkets around the country about to phase out single use plastic bags now is the time to think about ditching as much single use plastic as you can. We believe this change should be an eco-friendly alternative, not paying 15 cents for a plastic bag that is slightly thicker and therefore not considered single use.

We are so passionate about the need to reduce single use plastic consumption that we have brought out a new range to help make this easy for you. We have done all the research for you and brought out a range that is true to our core focusing on environmentally friendly, unique, fairly traded, cruelty free and handmade alternatives. We have found the most natural, organic, and recycled range available to offer true cost effective eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. We know you guys, our beautiful tribe, care and do what you can to tread lightly. We hope these beautiful, stylish and eco-friendly alternatives can set you on an easy road to reducing your plastic consumption or encouraging others you know to do the same. Sometimes the smallest change to your daily life is where you can have the most impact. Why not start with your coffee cup today?

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