Christmas Shopping Guide for Children by Age and Stage

Christmas Shopping Guide for Children by Age and Stage

We know at Christmas time it can be a little daunting knowing just what to buy children at different ages and stages, especially if it is outside your own experience. Some people say little ones will just enjoy the box the present came in but we think that this probably means you just haven’t chosen a suitable present. Surely we can offer a little bit of help for you to choose a toy that will have that box it came in thrown to the side. So here is some guidance to help you buy age appropriate toys that will be sure to make the young ones in your life very happy.


Under 9 Months

For the little ones it will be their first Christmas and we know you want to get them something they will love and cherish. At this age it is all about the senses, focus on toys that engage the senses of sight, touch and sound. A young child’s eyesight is still developing so black and white toys or toys with bright contrasting colours work best. Little ones love to explore with their hands and mouths, so toys they can grab and chew are always winners. Toys that can be interacted with in a number of different ways suit this age group, for example toys that have different sounds and textures. At this age and stage everything goes in the mouth so be sure to choose toys without small parts and organic when you can.

Top Toys

Teething rattles


Soft toys and stuffed animals

Organic comforters

Books with sound effects and things to touch


9 Months to 1 Year olds

What a fun age this is. These little ones are really on the move now and have a natural curiosity and yearning to explore. Toys that encourage this curiosity and teach them new concepts and problem solving skills are great at this age. This age has such huge developmental milestones, learning to walk, talk and understanding the concept of cause and effect. Find toys that embrace all these new skills and you are sure to have success.

Top Toys

Push and pull toys

Wooden blocks

Stacking toys


Music toys

Age appropriate ride on toys

Baby swings


2-Year Olds

Two year olds are not terrible they just are bursting with energy and enthusiasm and a new found independence that they really want to excerpt ALL the time. They might be a little testing but find things that channel their energy and curiosity and they are so much fun.

Top Toys

Dolls and Dollhouses

Soft toys

Vehicles with moveable people/animals that ride in them


Simple Puzzles

Ride ons



3-Year Olds

Imagination really kicks in at this age and so does the fun of pretend play. This age group love to imitate the actions of people around them and play in a world of pretend. Toys that allow them to create their imaginary world and offer rich exploratory play are perfect for this age group.

Top Toys

Play Sets (doll houses, farm sets, fire stations etc)

Dress Ups

Toy Kitchens


Balance Bikes


Arts and Crafts


Well we hope that helps you out with the littlest members on your shopping list. Connect their age and stage with their personal interests and I am sure you will pick them a winner. We are always happy to help if you are completely stuck so drop us a line or give us a call anytime.


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