Getting through the day with little people!

When I was pregnant I was given so much advice and tips on having a baby. Tricks to settle them, the best ways to stimulate them etc, however what I struggled with didn't end up being dealing with a baby as such but not dealing with me.  No more makeup or nice hair, no more gym, no more staying up late working on whatever was of interest at the time. I absolutely loved being a mum but I did start to feel like I was losing myself a little. I am determined to start balancing life a little better and take the time to wear makeup sometimes and do some little things for myself. Not just to make me happier but also because I think it will make everyone in our house a little happier! Consequently, while I will keep youtubing all the different ways to keep little ones happy and to how to parent positively, I think it is just important to make sure that I have some time so that I actually have the spirit to put them in place! My advice for any new mum in order to help them get through the day, is just to take 5 minutes for yourself! It doesn't matter how organised you are or how many tips you have up your sleeve - if you are stressed out, you are not going to get through the day as well as you would have, if you were in a happier, calmer state. So stop trying to multitask for a second and try and enjoy that cold cuppa!

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