Who is Playfair Kids?


Be kind to the earth and fair to its people. What better sentiment could we teach our children? This is at the core of everything we do here at Playfair Kids. We have hand picked this selection of high quality ethically sourced pieces from around the world. Our focus is on products that are hand made, fair trade and eco-friendly. The pieces we collect are made from sustainable, recycled and organic materials.


When you purchase from us you can feel good about what you buy and the positive impact it will have on our environment and its people, while also providing your little ones with unique gifts that we know they will love and enjoy. Explore our range and discover the story behind each piece.

Hello my name is Jessie and I am proud to be the founder of Playfair Kids. The idea for this company has been ten years in the making. I spent the majority of my twenties working and travelling around the world. During this time I coordinated and ran volunteer programs helping disadvantaged communities. I was lucky to meet some of the most beautiful, talented people on my travels, and due to circumstances outside their control, they struggled to survive and put food on the table. A reoccurring theme when talking to these people was that they wanted a hand up not a hand out. People were not after a one off hand out but wanted to use their skills and abilities to be able to support themselves. They were all very aware that a hand out was not the way to provide for their long term needs, however the opportunity to be employed would provide long term stability and empowerment.

On returning to Australia and having my own children I have constantly thought about some of the beautiful handicrafts I have seen in my travels. As I walk the shopping aisles looking at plastic toys with flashing lights, I am searching for something more unique. I started trying to find more unique, fair trade gifts for my children and those of my friends. There wasn’t much out there so I decided to go for it and provide them myself, so I created Playfair Kids.

What you see here on this website is my hand picked collection of ethical products for bubs and mums, specialising in products that are hand made, fair trade and eco friendly. As an educator myself I believe in stocking products that enhance children’s creativity and imagination and help to develop their motor skills. I have worked to provide a variety of toys to enhance children’s play and help stretch their imaginations. Along with some gorgeous products for mum aimed at getting out and about with our families in style.

I believe as consumers in Australia we are becoming smarter. We realise that our purchases matter and we have the power to help support the little guys, buy more eco friendly products and make our purchases count. We have the potential to assist the poor by purchasing their amazing hand made products, advancing their employment opportunities and contributing to improving their lives. We also have the choice to help protect the environment by purchasing products made with recycled, organic and sustainable materials.

I am so happy to bring some of these gorgeous products to consumers in Australia. I believe fair trade provides a win for all involved; you are helping support artisans around the world to provide for their families, whilst also providing your little ones with unique gifts that they will love and enjoy.

Thank you for shopping ethically and contributing to supporting our environment and disadvantaged artisans around the world.



Here at Playfair Kids it is important to us that you feel good about the purchases you make and find it easy to support the causes you are personally passionate about. We work hard to provide you with ethical products and aim to be transparent, making it simple for you to support the ethical causes important to you.

We help you with your decision by providing you with these logos on each product page. For those in a hurry these symbols will guide you to the ethic categories the product meets. If you have more time, and want to find more information, a detailed description of the maker is also supplied on the meet the artists page.

We believe every product has its own story and that the story is as important as the final product itself.


The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) is a global network of organisations from over 75 countries around the world. This organization and its members believe trade should work for people and the environment, not at their expense.


Fair Trade is a difficult concept and means different things to different people.

With many different definitions and no single authoritative body, Fair Trade takes on many forms around the world.


We are passionate about the environment and are big advocates for living an eco-friendly lifestyle and purchasing eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products are non-toxic and keep environmental and human safety in mind.